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15 06 2013

We Chat – We Explore – We Salute


You invited Woody Allen, Kamal Hassan, Haruki Murakami, George Bailey, James Stewart, Sekhar Kammula to the group chat

Hello Boys – You

Woody – I don’t understand young men today, what with their long hair
and pierced noses, feels like I’m in a circus, only the animals are
replaced with accessories.

Haruki – Don’t you underestimate the power of circus Woody. Thanks to the
mental ability of these people we are living in a more peaceful
world. We have successfully bypassed the third world war.

Woody – How do you describe a human without the blood to fight? Nauseous.
Well, you can as well call him Nazi-less. I certainly hope our dear
friend Kamal has an opinion to share with us.

Kamal – Gentlemen, abetting violence can take us back to History Channel.
No, that is not what we want. We need to guard our little resources
which I in disgust say is mankind today.

Woody – And who do we have to guard them from?

Kamal – My guess is humans themselves.

Woody – I usually disagree but I nod my head for this statement.

Haruki – You know this is a hard time for us all. We love ourselves and our
family yet we slide down to the tunnel of motionless death.

Kamal – George just showed us how each man’s life touches so many other
lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole. What bad can a
rose spread but its good fragrance… What harm can a man think of
but a smile that can leave an impression.

George – Thank you Kamal for bringing me into the picture. Yes, Clarence
taught me a lesson, didn’t he? He in fact taught us all a beautiful
lesson. If we can’t help each other, it’s best to stay away from
the situation than aggravate it.

Sekhar – No, George. Help is not a fruit that you can give a person when he
is hungry, it has to be a tree whose shade can provide him shelter
anytime he wants.

James – But as George said you can’t always help a person. I mean if there
is a way, I’d like to know.

Kamal – Yes, Sekhar, would you kindly enlighten us.

Woody – Have you read the holy texts with the glossary in the back?

Haruki – To stop a man’s progress, he has to belong to the oddball category.

Sekhar – Haha Woody… I wish I did… My theory is simple and plain. It also
comes with illustrations.

Woody – Spill the beans Mr. Kammula.

Sekhar – I think we should stop petty crimes first. From then on, we need to
curb larger crimes. You build a hut, then see if you can build a palace.
That’s my theory.

Woody – Will the crime scene disappear in the near future? I suggest we do
not approve this plan. You wait a trillion years, your problem will
still have no solution. What do you say Kamal, tell him it’s not
going to work… We… we… we… I say we invert the theory.

Kamal – Sekhar, hut or palace, we need to see what we are building it with.

James – Woody, nobody has a clear idea of what’s happening here.

Haruki – Death is a form of selfish sacrifice. It invites lust, lust to give in.
Have you ever seen a thing that goes round in circles, the circle
is splendid, you don’t find a sharp object outside the circle. Life
in a similar fashion has to run in a circle, not divulging or discussing
the sharp objects that distract the path.

Woody – Won’t you ever say something in short sentences? Wouldn’t
love life, women and sex substitute what you said.

Kamal – I believe we are fighting for a piece of bread. It’s time we fight for
Peace. I would have loved to say derecognise religions but that’s far
from what everybody wants. I sincerely support the cause of peace
hence we all need to breathe free air, free from any vicious substance
like Clarence said it’s a wonderful life, it’d be a mistake to throw it
We’ll map out a borderless world for our wonderful lives.

Haruki – Life is full of worries. To evade them, we need to evade life altogether.

Sekhar –   🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Woody – God, save us, if you can.

George – Thank you Clarence. Thank you Kamal. It’s nice to hear that.

James – At the moment I’m smoking my favourite with the angels, oh don’t you
Gentlemen worry… The angel has wings. Thank you WeChat, you
brought me back. 🙂

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