Surrealistic Austerity No More

22 04 2013

Surrealistic Austerity No More

A soundless feast for the furious mind at night delivers a pitch-dark bloom. The tender stillness explores several visions, in it flies a blue bird with a sunrise tail. Across mountains, below the oceans, atop the skies with vigour and earrings she flies then finally perches on her gentle arm.

She wakes up a bit earlier not gauging the entire dream sequence. She hardly manages to get past the watery sense of the bird. A sight passes her memory, “Future is a bastard with a smile” her brother had once remarked when he had ‘lost and found’ a pen with the golden nib. She could relate to it now, unable to mentally reconstruct the hazy side of paradise she bitingly pens her chickpea remembrance. A grassy patch overshadows her activities. She’d rather digest the maze model of her dream than piece it all together incoherently.

The next night arrives long after the white balloon shines bright. She’s sliding again in the frothy landscape. There’s a knock at her door, she walks to the door with her earphones on, and a song on her lips. Through the peephole, stands a man with neatly unshaven beard. He apes a monkey, starts dancing in his brown shoes and yellow shirt; she opens the door to see him adjust his pants. He apologises and hands her a small package with her name written on it.

Anew enthusiasm shoulders her, feels she has solved the Rubik’s Cube. The dream she couldn’t quite grasp the first night was not a failure but a test, she has mastered the art of connecting the dots of her dreams. This shows up in calling back her second dream. Shortly, there’s a knock at her door, she walks to the door in her pyjamas like it has happened in her dream without her earphones. The peephole brings her a man, opens the door to receive a package with her name on it. Her horrific jubilance surprises the delivery man. He asks her to sign and says ta-ta, strangely with his four fingers, his thumb hidden under the palm or totally missing doesn’t discomfort her ‘cause she had seen it behind her closed eyes already.

Dreams gather a total conception often spilling the small and the mighty recurrence. Technology, the cow that keeps giving milk incessantly turns on her mind bulb. Office 365, her god mother has all the answers. She directly connects her dreams to the Office 365 applications with no further ado. And the young woman does it on a large scale in a matter of weeks. Her clients are from all rungs of the society. Lync Online helps record the visuals of a person’s dream. Other features assist the client in emailing the dream story to the people he/she would want to. He / she can make voice calls, send and receive pictures of the subconscious mind. Web Conferencing, sharing ideas, problems and silliness are possible like telepathy with Office 365. The bonanza of Office 365 is that it’s available for all – sane, retards, infants and those that breathe and eat at a price even a petty shop owner would jump and do a traditional dance. Privacy is ranked first, nobody can run into another’s mind without the person’s consent. All these and more during the sleep hours, a perfect emotion at your disposal.

Magic lies in the trick, Office 365 is the magician for your mysteries, feuds and cupcake parties.

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15 06 2013
SAP Online tutor

Nice read 🙂

15 06 2013

thank you…

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