Memories, Growing Up

3 04 2013

Memories, Growing Up

‘Kanika, you forgot this’ Krithika raised her hand to show the lunch box she had nearly forgotten.

‘Ahh thanks. I knew I had missed something. I guess we can go now’ Kanika’s bag opened up to receive the box.

As they walk to the school;
‘Am I alright today? All right?’
‘Yes. You are. You do want the curly haired to hit on you, don’t you? Twin prick?’
‘It’s not like he hits on me and leaves you with teary eyes, if he hits on me mathematically he hits on us. We’re made ‘with’ each other remember.’ Krithika smiled through her minty tongue.
‘Krithi, you don’t understand boys. They are mean, trust me.’
‘Not all men are. ‘George’ Bala is a fine example.’
‘Krithi, he’s our dad. He has to be good. I can’t find a better person than our dad.’
‘I agree. May be someday we’ll get guys at least half as good as ‘George’’ Krithika wasn’t sarcastic. She meant it.
Kanika looked at her mirror. They both were the same, in face, clothes, braids and nails.
‘I still remember the day we visited the planetarium. It was so good, my god, I thought the planets were falling.’
‘Yeah… dad was also awestruck. That’s probably one of the times he interchanged our names. You were crying like a baby.’
‘And what were you doing sister?’
‘I was consoling you.’
‘Krithi, you were pouncing for an ice cream, for a stupid ice cream which you couldn’t finish by the way.’
‘Oh please, you were cursing me, you had that bad cold, you were coughing too.’
‘So, that’s your reason for not putting the ice cream in my mouth but on my head, my beautifully braided hair.’
‘Now that we are in tenth grade and kind of mature, I’d have to say yes. I resisted emulating your hairstyle, you know your hair, those wonderful plaits, long and thick. I hated it yet I loved it. But I just couldn’t sit dad down and braid my hair.’
‘He’d have done it anyway’ Kanika raised her eyebrows for a simple answer.
‘Of course, he’d have done it. The problem is I didn’t want to be you. I wanted people to call me Krithika and you Kanika. I hated when people switched our names. I wanted to be different so that people would recognise me. Although I failed miserably I must confess it’s for the good. It’s for the good.’
‘Krithi, I’m sorry. I didn’t know this.’
‘This was way back. Long back. Not now. Come on, we are best friends now and we have a cool friend too with whom we share everything. Our pride and ruin.’
‘Yes. ‘George’.’
‘Yes. ‘George’.’

It’s almost evening, the fog or the traffic air slowly descends upon the green buried locality. Sisters go to their dad’s room to see him snore on the couch. His one hand mysteriously drawing circles in the air, they see their newly accomplished wall.

‘He’s done it again. Our Bala has done it again. Look, he’s painted another braided George Washington.’ The twins are excited. ‘Dad, we love you. It’s brilliant.’ They wake him up with their hugs and tickles.

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13 05 2013
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wow 🙂 really very interesting post 🙂

13 05 2013

thank you…

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