The Autumn of Ignorance

25 03 2013

The Autumn of Ignorance

Education shares a magnetic relationship with development. The scope and dilemma education offers cannot be matched by anything else. Education kick starts the thinking module. Sadly in India, education or the idea of it involving moves in a wheelchair pace. Naming the wilderness and taming the dexterity of possible myopic ill-treatment towards a hard palmed society is suppressing the priorities of civilisation. To support this ailing bud we have reservations, donations and degrees too.

The acuity of nib gathering positive minds is not a rope to well water. Yet the surrealistic bend of today’s educative movement is headed towards infirmary. Even though the urban youth is running behind a meaningless degree, it puts him on no special pedestal. Romancing politics, we lose the fragrance of juvenileness. At the end of the ‘circle’, an uneducated nation is going to remain as a rookie state which we categorically reject. For the sky above to fall down into rain and for the Neanderthals to shed their hunchback penchants of shyness and ignorance, we need a bottle of mineral supplements to take us to the white destination, from an impoverished retina to an improved society.

Education is not bedding diplomas / doctorates; it is rather a cosmic submarine through which leprous mismanagement is evaded. Innocence, a form of boon often masquerades as a capricious jilter, hitting the innocent in the forehead, emptying emotional mysticism. And then erodes balance, his position now very precarious, almost standing on a thread.

The pimple on the thumb is the girls’ education. The rise in female infanticide, rape incidents may appear in the ‘walk of fame’ category but girls dropping out of schools as soon as they hit puberty are a rage within that haven’t exploded so far. Gunny sacks, dirty clothes – mushy queerness makes it all the more difficult for a girl to go to school. She joins her mother as domestic help and is married off to her uncle or her rapist. The schools set up with schemes have reservations (75% for backward class, 25% for below poverty line). Trusts enjoy the benefits while the girls are left in the lurch again. So, the secular nation erases equality, replaces it with class and caste hemispheres.

Education gratifyingly has absence of protests. Simply put we raise our voice for unpleasant surprises nevertheless we fail to recognise the potentiality of an educated nation. Indeed the quality of education has silvered but if INDIA TODAY has to see a brighter TOMORROW, education like food has to become a basic need.

We need a wave of the ocean to brim us to the neck so that we can breathe and move about blithely. India needs not one person who can teach or one person who can receive but a collective social residence where ideas swim in for the plurality of goodness.

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