Let Her Rest Now – Review

14 09 2012

Let Her Rest Now


Vijay Nair

Why does a thriller excite a reader?
Man is a digger – for information. Curiosity has been his forte since the beginning. That curious nature of man is solely responsible for the world we have today. For the lives we think we are enjoying today.

Let Her Rest Now – a thriller revolving around a mysterious murder. One victim joins another not in the same town or the state. How the knot unfolds is the theory Let Her Rest Now offers. Vijay Nair’s thriller poses many questions. The novel doesn’t answer them instead they are passed as everyday affairs. A simple question that rises in the midst – does friendship involve sex… It is not a question that stumps from the ground. It is merely a glowing star in a windy night. The novel deals with themes relating to greed, misery, friendship, sexual identity.

People who emerge from broken families are usually stronger. They believe in themselves rather than waiting for a sword to dissipate their problems. In the book, the protagonists are from broken families, it is not a bond that they cherish. Their inhibitions, their aspirations, their support system (being ‘one another’), the distance that is laid over the years – yet their path is a familiar one. All these emotions – fear, lust or the coated love and fury form the crux of the novel.

Vijay Nair’s attempt in sprinkling grey shades to all the characters falls on the surface of the water and sinks. In the end there’s no good, there’s no bad, there’s no ugly. This is how a human is supposed to be.

“A man is helped by ‘other’ and is made to drown by another’” – the novel surely justifies this quote.